Blender Documentation Volume II - Reference Guide

Last modified July 08 2004 S68

Claudio Andauer

Manuel Bastioni

Alejandro Conty Estevez

Karsten Dambekalns

Florian Findeiss

Alex Heizer

Tim van Howe

Wouter van Heyst

Joeri Kassenaar

Martin Kleppman

Lyubomir Kovacev

Johnny Matthews

Reevan McKay

Kent Mein

Martin Middleton

Jason Oppel

Willem-Paul van Overbruggen

Ton Roosendaal

Bastian Samela

Stefano Selleri

Bart Veldhuizen

Chris Williamson

Carsten Wartmann

This is the Blender Documentation project official Guide. Feel free to add or modify your changes and send them clearly marked to the Blender documentation board (

Table of Contents
I. Reference
1. Blender Windows - General Introduction
1.1. The Mouse
2. HotKeys In-depth Reference
2.1. Window HotKeys
2.2. Universal HotKeys
2.3. Object Mode HotKeys
2.4. Edit Mode HotKeys - General
2.5. EditMode Mesh Hotkeys
2.6. EditMode Curve Hotkeys
2.7. EditMode Surface Hotkeys
2.8. EditMode Metaball Hotkeys
2.9. EditMode Font Hotkeys
2.10. Armature Hotkeys
2.11. VertexPaint Hotkeys
2.12. FaceSelect Hotkeys
3. Windows Reference
3.1. The InfoWindow
3.2. The FileWindow
3.3. The 3DWindow
3.4. The IPO Window
3.5. The SequenceWindow
3.6. The OopsWindow
3.7. The Action Window
3.8. The Non Linear Animation Window
3.9. The Text Window
3.10. The Audio Timeline Window
3.11. The ImageWindow
3.12. The ImageSelectWindow
3.13. The Animation playback window
4. Buttons Reference
4.1. The ButtonsWindow
4.2. Logic Context
4.3. Script Context
4.4. Shading Context
4.5. Object Context
4.6. Editing Context
4.7. Scene Context
4.8. Out of Context Panels
A. Command Line Arguments
A.1. Render Options
A.2. Animation Options:
A.3. Window Options
A.4. Other Options
II. Appendices
B. Hotkeys Reference
B.1. Symbols
B.2. TAB
B.5. Specials
B.6. Arrow Keys
B.7. Arrow Keys - Grab/Rotate/Scale behaviour
B.8. Mouse
B.9. A
B.10. B
B.11. C
B.12. D
B.13. E
B.14. F
B.15. G
B.16. H
B.17. I
B.18. J
B.19. K
B.20. L
B.21. M
B.22. N
B.23. O
B.24. P
B.25. Q
B.26. R
B.27. S
B.28. T
B.29. U
B.30. V
B.31. W
B.32. X
B.33. Y
B.34. Z
C. Supported videocards
C.1. Windows
C.2. Linux
C.3. Mac OSX
C.4. Graphics Compatibility Test Results
D. The Licenses
D.1. Open Content License
D.2. Blender Artistic License
D.3. GNU General Public License
E. The Blender Documentation Project
E.1. About the Blender Documentation Project
E.2. How to contribute
F. Troubleshooting (-)
List of Tables
C-1. Card Manufacturers
C-2. Chipset Manufacturers
C-3. Card Types