3.7. The Action Window

3.7.1. Action Toolbar WindowType

As with every window header, the first button allows you to set the window type. Full Window

Maximise the window, or return to the previous window display size; return to the previous screen setting (CTRL-UPARROW). Home

All visible blocks are displayed completely, centered in the window (HOME). Pin

Causes this Action window to show the current data block regardless of what object is selected or active. Action Menu

Choose another Action from the list of available Actions. The option "Add New" makes a complete copy of the current Action. This is not visible; only the name in the adjacent button will change. AC:

Give the current Action a new and unique name. After the new name is entered, it appears in the list, sorted alphabetically. Users

If this button is displayed, there is more than one user for the Action block. Use the button to make the Action "Single User". Unlink Action

The current Action is unlinked. Bake

Generate an action based of the current action where the constraints effects are converted into IPO Keys. Lock

This buton locks the update of the 3DWindow while editing in the ActionWindow, so you can see changes maked to the Action in realtime in the 3DWindow.

3.7.2. ActionWindow

The ActionWindow gives an overview of the current Armature Keys and Relative Vertex Keys of the Object. It presents the time, in frames, on an horizontal axis and, vertically, as many stripes are there are bones in the armature or Relative Vertex Keys.

If the object is an armature bone Keys are represented as grey rectangle at the pertinent frame, yellow if selected. If it is a Mesh, Rectangles are present where a Key is assigned a given value. This can be assigned via IPO or via the sliders in the ActionWindow.

3.7.3. The mouse LMB

Sets current frame MMB and drag

The view is translated. CTRL-MMB and drag

Zoom in or out of the ActioWindow, this happens only horizontally. RMB

Select a strip (if clicked on strip name) or a Key if clicked on a Key. Use SHIFT to enlarge or reduce the selection (extend select). SHIFT-RMB

Add/remove from selection.

3.7.4. The HotKeys HOME

All visible blocks are displayed completely, centred in the window. AKEY

Select All / deselect All. If one block is selected, everything is first eselected. BKEY

Border select. Draw a rectangle with the LMB; all blocks that fall within this rectangle are selected. Draw a ctangle with the RMB to deselect the blocks. CKEY

Centers view at current frame. SHIFT-D

Duplicates the selected Keys. Duplicates are automatically in Grab mode. GKEY

Translation mode (the Grabber). This works on selected blocks and only horizontally, to change frame. The following options are available in translation mode:

  • ARROWS: The mouse cursor can be moved exactly 1 pixel with these keys.

  • CTRL: The Keys are displaced by 1 frame steps.

  • SHIFT-CTRL: The Keys are displaced by 0.1 frame steps.

  • Grabber terminates with:

    • LMB SPACE ENTER: move to a new position.

    • RMB or ESC: everything returns to the old position. TKEY

Allows to define the type of interpolation for the selected strips:

  • "Constant" is picewise constant (abrupt changes).

  • "Linear" is linear interpolation (abrupt changes in derivative).

  • "Bezier" is default fluid interpolation. XKEY

Delete selected Keys.