II. Appendices

Table of Contents
B. Hotkeys Reference
B.1. Symbols
B.2. TAB
B.5. Specials
B.6. Arrow Keys
B.7. Arrow Keys - Grab/Rotate/Scale behaviour
B.8. Mouse
B.9. A
B.10. B
B.11. C
B.12. D
B.13. E
B.14. F
B.15. G
B.16. H
B.17. I
B.18. J
B.19. K
B.20. L
B.21. M
B.22. N
B.23. O
B.24. P
B.25. Q
B.26. R
B.27. S
B.28. T
B.29. U
B.30. V
B.31. W
B.32. X
B.33. Y
B.34. Z
C. Supported videocards
C.1. Windows
C.2. Linux
C.3. Mac OSX
C.4. Graphics Compatibility Test Results
D. The Licenses
D.1. Open Content License
D.2. Blender Artistic License
D.3. GNU General Public License
E. The Blender Documentation Project
E.1. About the Blender Documentation Project
E.2. How to contribute
F. Troubleshooting (-)