3.12. The ImageSelectWindow

3.12.1. ImageSelectHeader WindowType

As with every window header, the first button allows you to set the type of window. Full Window

Maximise the window, or return to the previous window display size; return to the old screen setting (CTRL-UPARROW). Remove

Delete the ".Bpib" help file in the current directory. A new ".Bpib" is only created once the directory is read again. Dirview

Indicates whether the left part, where the directories are displayed, is shown. Info

Indicates whether the lower part, where information about the active picture is displayed, is shown. Images

Obsolete. Magnify

The active picture is displayed twice as large.

3.12.2. ImageSelectWindow

In parts of the Blender interface where pictures can be loaded, you generally have the option of using a FileSelect window or the ImageSelect window. For the most part, the functionality is the same. The ImageSelect window reads the directory and examines each file to see if it is a recognisable image. After the entire directory is scanned, the images are loaded and displayed as a thumbnail and saved in the ".Bpib" file. If a ".Bpib" file already exists, it is first read in and compared to the contents of the directory. P

Displays the parent directory (PKEY). DirName:

This text box displays the current directory. Preset Directories

The file $HOME/.Bfs contains a number of pre-sets that are shown in this menu. While a file is being read or written, the directory involved is temporarily added to the menu. FileName:

The file name can be entered here. Status Icons.

The different phases of ImageSelect:

  • Was a ".Bpib" file found?

  • Was the directory scanned completely?

  • Have all the pictures been read in?

3.12.3. The mouse and HotKeys LMB

Activate a file. The file name is placed in the FileName button. MMB

Activate a file and return to the previous window type. RMB

Select a file. ENTER

Close the ImageSelectWindow; return with a OK message. ESC

Close the ImageSelectWindow; no action is performed. PAGEDN

Scroll down one page. PAGEUP

Scroll up one page. PKEY

Go to the parent directory.