Chapter 13. The World and The Universe

Blender provides a number of very interesting settings to complete your renderings by adding a nice background, and some interesting 'depth' effects. These are accessible via the Shading Context (F5) and World Buttons sub-context ( ) shown in Figure 13-1. By default a very plain uniform world is present. You can edit it or add a new World.

Figure 13-1. World Buttons

13.1. The World Background

Relevant to Blender v2.31

The simplest way to use the World Buttons is to provide a nice gradient background for images. The buttons in the World Panel (Figure 13-2) allow you to define the color at the horizon (HoR, HoG, HoB buttons) and at the zenith (ZeR, ZeG, ZeB buttons).

Figure 13-2. Background colors

These colors are interpreted differently, according to the Buttons in the Preview Panel (Figure 13-2):

The World Buttons also provide a Texture Panel with two Tabs. They are used much like the Materials textures, except for a couple of differences (Figure 13-3):

Figure 13-3. Texture buttons